Are you helping your neighbors pay their property taxes?

If your property is over assessed, that's exactly what you're doing. And in Westchester, New York, that could mean you're helping them to the tune of thousands of dollars!

The assessed value of your home is your municipality's best guess at its worth and the basis they use to determine your property taxes.  Your assessment is your share of the "pie" when it comes to divvying up property taxes.

Your home's assessed value should equal it's true market value.  If it doesn't, you aren't paying what you should be in taxes. Most likely, you're paying more. What exactly does this mean? The dollars you pay over and above what you should be paying go to offset everyone else's taxes. You're helping to pay your neighbors' taxes. Your neighbors thank you!

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Bragen Realty can help you determine what your assessment is, and tell you whether it's too high, or appropriate for your property. Call us at (914) 380-1318 for a free, no obligation consultation. We have the resources on hand to tell you what your assessment is, and give you a quick estimate of whether it's where it should be or not. It will take just a few moments, and you can decide if you would like our help in reducing your taxes.


Stop already!  Your Westchester property taxes are high enough for your own home. Don't share in your neighbors' burden. Call us! Through our efforts our clients have save thousands of dollars per year - not just in the current year, but going forward year after year after year.  When we get your assessment reduced, you realize the savings with your very next tax bill and every tax bill from then on.

Go ahead, be a great neighbor. But don't share their  tax burden.

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